Launched in June 2019, Presszo is an online magazine based in Ottawa, Canada, with the mission of helping the gifts of talented and thoughtful people in our region to thrive. We are focused on providing original reporting on the work of local artists, writers, community leaders and thinkers, as well as insightful reflections on societal and cultural trends in the National Capital Region and eastern Ontario. As we build our content and presence, we strive to feature the diversity of cultural experiences, talents, ideas and lives in the nation’s capital and further afield in our region. We would like to dig below the proverbial surface of life here to present to you, our readers, with people you may not have encountered in your everyday, yet who contribute richly to the cultural and social fabric of our region.

The name “Presszo” alludes to the Hungarian word for espresso coffee (“presszó”), a staple of European coffee houses, that is synonymous with speed, high energy, skillful preparation and intense flavour –all of which are present, even when served in that tiny, yet distinctive demitasse. Presszo, a small and unpretentious media project of limited means, aims to encourage the type of open, reflective public discourse that often characterized traditional coffee houses in Europe. We also hope to serve as a place where emerging local talent is featured and finds a home. As our media project unfolds, you can expect to read original interviews, articles, reports, commentary and reflections covering the following areas:

  • Local authors and creative writing;
  • Music;
  • Theatre;
  • Painting and the fine arts;
  • Photography;
  • Reflections and perspectives on faith, society and contemporary social issues

Submissions or queries:

Presszo will consider previously unpublished English-language articles, reflections and reports that complement the themes explored in this publication. We are also open to publishing excerpts from newly released books by emerging or established authors from our region. On occasion we will also re-publish, with permission, pieces that we believe are of interest to our readership from other publications.

If you would like to submit an article, report or another piece of writing to Presszo, or if you would like to send us feedback or a query, please contact us using the email below.

Founding editor: Christopher Adam
email: christopher@christopheradam.ca
Editor’s website: www.christopheradam.ca